How to Start Wearing a Pocket Square

The funny thing about men’s style is its depth. First you find out suits can be fashionable even if you’re not a banker. Then you find out it matters what type of suit you wear. Next you learn about colour and what signal that sends. You find out how to match your shoes, belt and socks. Now you’re officially in the style club and then you find out about men’s jewellery: cuff-links, tie-pins, signet rings, etc. And just when you think you’ve arrived you notice some men are wearing their handkerchiefs in their jacket pockets. Only they call them pocket squares and you have no idea what they’re talking about. Do not fear because help is at hand.

What is a Pocket Square?

A pocket square is simply a square piece of fabric that gets folded up in different ways and put into your top jacket pocket.

Why Wear a Pocket Square

Wearing jackets is making a comeback as men realize denims and baseball caps are not appropriate for all occasions, but most men who wear jackets like sports jacket, suit jackets and blazers still don’t wear pocket squares. When it comes to wearing pocket squares there are few men that make that conscious decision not to wear a pocket square – most men don’t because they don’t even know it’s an option.

This could be because they just haven’t noticed them before or they simply haven’t considered them as a vital part of their style arsenal.

The whole point of a pocket square is to give you the way and the means to stand out in a room full of other men wearing jackets and give you a further way of expressing your personality through your clothing. Wearing a pocket square is sending the signal you’re a man who cares about the details!

Finding Your Pocket Square Style

Once worn either of these two types it’s important that you try out all the different styles and types until you find something you like and that resonates well with your personal sense of style.

Try combining different colour squares with different types of folds and mix and match them with different jackets until you find something that works for you.

Below are three of the most common and basic ways of folding a pocket square. Experiment with them and tell us all about it!

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